September 19, 2010


My boyfriend went out the side door earlier today when I was relisting things on my Etsy shop, and he came back in saying "guess who's back!"

Sleepers!  Who knows where he/she was yesterday the whole time I was chillin with the kittens, but it's all good now!  I even got to pet her (I am going to guess it's a her for now) though I didn't pick her up. Little Pete and the white one with mismatched eyes continue to be the most adventurous and willing to be picked up.  Little Pete growls at me at first, but will remain in my lap for a few moments to get petted.  The one with mismatched eyes doesn't growl, and will let me pick him up and keep him in my lap for a moment.  The white with solid gray and matching eyes I can pick up but I have to hold her pretty good to get her to stay near me and she runs FAST the moment she is loose from my grip.

The third white one sticks close to the wood they hide behind, and won't come near me.  It's the most clean of the cats LOL probably because she (again, a guess) just doesn't explore enough to get dirty.

It's good to have the kittens back!  So much sweetness in one place :)


September 18, 2010


I looked outside today and saw that the kittens are back! Of course I came right out with food for them. And they sure are chomping it up! Only problem being I don't see Sleepers :( A couple of the others are looking a little dirty and whatnot but they look healthy. I was always a little worried about Sleepers but he/she looked better the last I saw him/her. Maybe Sleepers got caught by someone who is taking care of him/her. I can hope right?

The three white ones still need names. Any thoughts?

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September 16, 2010

oh where or where did they go?

No sign of the kittens these past 2 days and I am pretty positive they are no longer hiding out where they were.  I had left some kibble for them yesterday, it was still there this evening so I know they aren't there or they'd have eaten it.  Milk is still showing up for her food, so I doubt they are far away.  But I miss them, I was hoping to get them more socialized so I could see about adopting them out.  Not sure if Milk moved them, or if the neighbors are doing something with them.  I doubt the second, from conversations with one of them about Milks previous litter (that included Sugar and Splenda) and how one froze over the winter.  If they left them be over the winter we had, they aren't doing anything with these kittens now with it nice out.

Splenda continues to assert my belonging to her.  When I get home from work I usually will park my car, and open the door to say hi to the kitties before I gather my things and get out of the car.  Well, yesterday I must have been taking too long for dear Splenda, and she jumped into my car right up onto my lap. I can hardly believe this was the same cat that would hardly come NEAR me even for food would hang back until I went away.  Now here she is rubbing herself all over me, following me in my house, and jumping into my lap in my car.  She was the one I thought "oh she is such a pretty cat, but she seems too skittish to be friendly it's a shame." Now here she is proving me wrong!


September 8, 2010

happy day!

Today for the first time Marx actually let me pet him! And he didn't run away. He would start for a second if I touched his head so I backed off but I got to stroke his back a few times.
I have named the black kitten Little Pete after the black kitten my sister rescued. He's the most adventurous little kitty! Not certain yet that Little Pete is a he though. But he lets me pick him up so I will find out soon.
The black and brown one I named Sleepers cause he often gets drowsy real quick. He's SO adorable.
The white ones have no names yet. The two with solid gray patches on their heads have also let me pick them up. Very sweet kitties!
Splenda has very much claimed me. She runs to greet me, rubs circles around my legs, and follows me right into my house. Took her time warming up but she's the sweetest of all.

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September 2, 2010


Milk has brought her kittens out. This has totally made my day! This picture shows the three white w gray heads and one black one. There's also a black/brown(tortoiseshell?) one I just caught a glimpse of.
I threw some kibble to the wood they are hiding behind and you can see them happily munching on it :). Ohhhh yay kittens!

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