October 26, 2010

Just Another Night

But I have a new camera so I took pictures.  Tonight there was Marx, Splenda, Sugar, Milk, CiCi, and Brownie hanging out.
Brownie was huddled down, but sat right up to have his picture taken!

 Milky :)
Milky says HI!
Marxy (he stopped growling at Brownie for a second- not that you can tell)

Sweet little Sugar Bear- he's getting so big!

and Splenda-Riffic!  Who says ferals can't be lap cats?

Too bad it gets dark so early now.  Though you can't even tell how dark it was getting already in the first few pictures... new camera takes light from nowhere!


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

So I let Splenda in the house.  I would have let Milk and Sugar in, too, but they wouldn't come in.  So Splenda came in, was like LIGHTNING and snaked into my bedroom where I had my cats so they wouldn't try and kill her (or her them) and she ended up being just fine with them.  She swatted at my Honey once, at which point I brought her back outside.  Then the storm got worse, and the poor thing was laying in my planter of collard greens on my porch so I had her come back in (with my cats back in my room) but when I went in my room the poor dear wouldn't stop meowing.  Cutest meow ever BTW.  So I hung out with her a bit, and she let me pick her up and cuddle with her.  Such a sweet kitty!!

Anyways in the last post I uploaded a picture of my Honey with Splenda... you can see why I joke with Honey that her family is outside!  So much cuteness.


Splenda and Honey

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October 25, 2010

a new face

I first saw this one about a week ago, sitting on my porch. Probably a stray given that he didn't startle when I opened the door but still scared if you move toward it. I took this picture Saturday, the second time I saw him when he let me get a little closer. I was able to move food bowls out and back under his head while he ate so not too skittish. Didn't try to pet him cause I like letting them get comfortable with my presence first. No name for him yet, also not sure its a him.

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October 8, 2010


I was wondering the other day if Marx was purring for me or if I was hearing things... Today confirms it he is definitely purring! He even raised his neck up to be rubbed and let me pet his head. I never thought I would see this day come! Sadly, I also out last night that he has a skin condition. He has raised scaly patches all over his back (at least)... No clue what it is but when he's eating he let's me take a look at it. That's what I was doing when he raised his neck up. I was hesitant cause he has always been jumpy when I try touching his head. And now he just let me scratch behind his ears and he had that contented kitty face going on. So cute!

The kittens have been MIA since the horrible ran storm we had a week ago. At first they moved into the crawl space under my house... Or at least that's where my boyfriend last spotted little Pete. No idea where they got to, and I was just starting to get them tamed.

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