November 20, 2010

Picture Day!

So lately I've really not been able to take many pictures of the kitties.  Since the time change it's been too dark out when I get home from work to take any and I was out of town for 5 days over the last weekend.  So I decided that this weekend I will take some pictures while I have the chance!  Got some really cute ones of Splenda but most aren't too interesting, just the regulars really and I already have tons of pictures of them!

In any case here's the best pictures so far today :)  There's a lot of them!

Can you remember who is who without looking?? ;)


So much cuteness!!  Do you have a favorite?


November 17, 2010

Back they come

So I left town for a few days to visit the boyfriend and you'd think I'd been gone for months!  I attempted to feed them extra the night before I left... it was GONE before I even went to bed.  I come back and only CiCi is around.  This morning I woke up to find Marx outside meowing LOUDLY and adamantly at me like "OK lady don't you know it is your job to feed me EVERY DAY?"  This evening though the 3 white kitties all came back, and Cici of course was around.  She was downright clingy.  Crazy for a cat that doesn't let me touch her... not that I try really, I don't want to pass along her illness.

I can tell Splenda is getting more attached though.  In the past when I would go away for a weekend she'd be gone at least 3 days after I got back.  This time she came right back!  I'm pretty sure I saw only Cici last night cause of how late it was when I got home, most of them are either off hunting or hiding and sleeping after dark.  Cici on the other hand tends to be close by.

I wonder what will happen if I ever go out of town for more than 4 days!  Hopefully they don't all run off!


Yeah well whatever.

Well, I DID have adsense on here.  Apparently it's a big no-no to draw attention to that fact or ask people to click on the links.  Google disabled this blog from using adsense, and didn't re-enable it when I fixed the problem- which is bullshit, since their help info said if it was a permanent decision the email would state that clearly, which it didn't.  I'd be more upset but the ads being displayed were just making the blog look uglier and were a nuisance and google pays out so little I wasn't going to get a penny anyways, so why am I going to let them put ugly ads that THEY get paid to put there on my blog anyways?

So I have decided instead to use my extra ad space to promote animal related products/websites/shops.  For right now, I am just going to do so for people whose products or information I happen to like, rather than having people pay me to advertise on the blog.  This *may* change in the future if there is any real traffic being generated from being put on the blog.

Ok now back to the kitties! :)


November 7, 2010

Changing it up!

As you can see I have completely changed the layout of the blog!  I have also added reaction choices at the bottom of each post (interesting, funny, cool, KITTY!)

I figure a lot of you check the blog to see the pictures.  What do you like the most when I post?  Do you have a favorite kitty?  Think I don't take enough pictures of someone you want to see more of?  Let me know!

Anyways, let me know what you think of the new look, click on those reactions at the bottoms of the entries, and enjoy what is left of your weekend!


November 6, 2010

New Kitten!!!

What a surprise today!!!  I went outside to feed the kitties and found this little guy hanging out with them!

It's an orange tabby kitten.  Must be only a few months old, since it is so small.  I wonder in fact if it may be one of Splenda's kittens, but you just never know.  Here's some closer looks!

Such a sweet little thing!  A bit skittish of course- but he'd run back in our direction after running off.  I'm not sure I'll see much more of the thing. It seemed to be ignoring most of the food after Marx decided to eat most of the kitten food I put out on the side step.  Brownie was out today, so Marx was staying as far away from him as he could.  I kept trying to put out food to distract the big kitties so I could put some out separate for the kitten.  It didn't work, well it DID but once it did the kitten ignored the food I put out for him and came back to the group.

Really don't know for sure that it's a he, it very well could be a she. Goodness knows I couldn't get close enough to tell.

I'm not too confident that he will be back.  The other kitties all circled the poor thing surrounded him under my car and ambushed him.  He came back, but they ran him off eventually.  Mostly Splenda and Marx though Sugar and CiCi and well- all of them except maybe Brownie ambushed the poor thing under the car.  It's possible that some were just innocently trying to check him out but it sure looked like ganging up to me!

Anyways got some pictures of a few of the other cats, too.   New camera make's them all look better ;)

Marx and Splenda: when I was trying to keep them separate from the kitten (he was behind me):

And Sugar when I was trying to keep HIM away from the kitten... he's trying to look all innocent:


November 4, 2010

Ah cute kitties in the rain.

I have to admit I prefer them dry but they are so cute when they are wet!  We've been getting a lot of rain lately. The other night it was Sugar who was wet like it didn't matter, tonight it's Splenda.  I think they really liked me tonight- I gave them wet food (half of what I put out anyways) to go along with the wet weather. Milk especially LOVES her wet food.  She'll climb all over me to get to it if she realizes I am pouring it into a bowl- which has led tome having to do so standing up and NOT sitting in a chair where she digs her claws into my leg to get closer to it.

Ohhh such cute kitty cats! Not much else new.  Haven't seen Spaz in coming up on a month now it seems.  Also no sign of the newcomer from a couple entries back.  Marx and Brownie continue to bicker... which isn't a good thing with Brownie coming around more.  I find myself some nights having to go outside and break them up.  Marx has been getting a *little* better- the other night he kept eating while Brownie was there rather than glaring and growling.   It's a start right?