December 16, 2010

Update on Splenda

Splenda was a handful trying to get her into the carrier to the vet, and at the vets they had to put her under general anesthesia to be able to check her out and give her vaccinations.

But she is healthy!  She tested negative for FIV and Leukemia and heart worm.

She has been acting funny since she got back though, barely eating, limping on and off, and just not her usual active self (hiding out all day) so I may have to take her back to the vet next week :(  I'm worried about her.  She's sweet as anything when I try and pet her, doesn't fuss with me at all and sometimes even starts with her quiet-as-anything purr.  I am hoping it was side effects from the vaccines but I thought she'd cheer up by now.  So we will see!

The strays who are still outside have been doing fine.  Sugar, Milk, and Marx are living under the neighbors house in the crawlspace and come to greet me most nights when I get home.  Cici is mainly on the porch still.  Haven't seen as much of Cream or Brownie the past few days, though Cream was coming more regularly last week.

Hopefully it warms back up some for them soon!


December 10, 2010

News about Splenda.

You may not be seeing much of Splenda in the blog anymore, and you can maybe guess why.  Now that it is cold, I started letting her in the house with me. Well a couple nights ago when I did she came in, ate like a pig, then went out to look for more food on the porch.  Last night she scooted right in the door with me when I got home... and here she is still.

So Splenda not only has decided I belong to her, she has now decided she lives in the house.  The other indoor kitties don't seem to have a problem with her, they've reacted to her better than any other kitty I have introduced them to.

She did try and go out just now when I went out to check my mail, but I brought her back inside.  I just got her a vet appointment.  If she wants to leave she may do so AFTER I get her to the vet to see if she is healthy and get her vaccines.  Cause I suspect even if she goes back out she'll end up coming back inside half the winter and when I move eventually, she is coming with me.


December 7, 2010

Cold, Cream, and the Fat Cat

It's been eventful!  And freezing cold.  The first day I came home and it was so cold out I was dreading going back to the porch to feed the strays, I decided it was too cold out to do nothing.  So I took a couple of boxes and made cuddle boxes.  So far I've only noticed CiCi using one, she's pretty content to be curled up in it many days.  I just took cardboard  boxes and one has an old pillow on the bottom and is lined on the sides with batting, the one CiCi uses it just lined with batting.  I took pictures!

So tonight I was surprised when I went out on the porch to feed the kitties.  Cream was out there!  He's rarely actually up on the porch, and he has very rarely let me see him eat.  Sometimes he comes and scopes things out and leaves, tonight he was VERY happy to have some food.  He jumped off the porch cause he's still scared of me, then I crouched behind the bucket my camping chair is in and put a handful out right by the side of the porch.  He even started eating it while I was still just a couple feet away! I was amazed, he's never gotten so close to me before.  So of course... I took the opportunity to take pictures :)

So many white kitties with gray on their heads, and one lone gray cat LOL CiCi is behind me in all the pictures, but she was out too.  Of course, she lives on my porch at this point!

After coming inside I started hearing what I recognize as Marx's "look dude, get the eff away from my yard." meowing.  I expected to look outside and find Brownie but nope!  I found a cat I had never seen before, that is obviously someones cat both from how well fed he is and the fact that he didn't budge an inch when I approached him.  So I snapped a few pictures of him, and tossed him a handful of food.He was in the neighbors driveway, on the other side of the fence, so I just let him be after that.  I could tell it's a boy cause he had that big round face that male cats get when they aren't fixed.

I can't help but wonder why Marx gets his panties all in a bunch about Brownie and this big guy, but has no problem whatsoever with Sugar and Cream. I've suspected for some time that Marx may actually be related to the white kitties-in good light, those rare chances, it looks as though the color on the top of Cream's head is the same color as Marx, and they have very similar facial features. Who knows!  Any insight on if that would have anything to do with Marx not being fussy around them?