February 20, 2011

Brownie has made a friend

Well, I haven't been seeing Brownie around much lately but he just showed back up- with a friend!  Not sure if this is one I have seen once before or not, but they're kinda cute.  They're sticking together.  Brownie did eventually stop hogging the food and is letting her lick the crumbs (mean kitty) there's dry food on the porch though so maybe they'll go check it out and he'll let her eat that!

Of course then as I was uploading pictures he started fighting with her and they ran off.  *sigh*  He didn't hurt her he just was all "hiss I'm the big guy RAWR!" and they ran off.


Could it be???

The weather has warmed up around here!  Means I get more time with the outside kitties, since I am not in such a rush to come back inside.  I saw Cream out my window earlier and went out to give him some food.  Then later on I saw someone else out my window!

It looks like Sleepers!!!  I can't tell if it is or not.  At one point it turned and looked at me, it has more caramel-ish color on its face and the prettiest color eyes.  I tried putting out some food for it but it ran off and now Milk has found it.  I'd run her off but she needs it- she's pregnant again.  I really need to find some money to get her spayed, she just has kittens like none other.

Anyways here are a couple pictures of Sleepers as a kitten for comparison...

IDK what do you think could it be Sleepers??