June 30, 2011


We're finishing moving out of the house in Suffolk today.  Still hoping to find homes for Lovely and Spazz at the very least.  It's a sad day though, but one I've seen coming for a while.  Co-cers hasn't been around when we have been moving lately and today she appeared, looking not good at all.  She curled up by the neighbors porch and eventually under her car.  Animal control came and took her away and are going to euthanize her... It's probably a best outcome for her.  She's been sick since I moved here and at least she is going to go in peace instead of languishing and suffering.  I got to say goodbye to her.  It's sad, but I really don't think she woulda made it even this long without us feeding her.  She would have been a good people kitty but I think it was too late for that by the time I got here.

I'm considering calling animal control about the strays to see off there's room at their shelter.  I could volunteer on my days off and still see them and help them get adopted.


June 2, 2011

Sad to say...

The days of this blog may be coming to an end VERY quickly.  Here is a short update.

We moved Baby Love into our bathroom to have her kittens- she did!  4 healthy kitties one week and one day ago.  We were home so we got to be there for the whole process after the first one, whose first cry is what made Eric realize she was having them.  Baby Love hasn't been feeling well- she went in to the vet (with her kittens!) Friday and got meds and all that good stuff and we've been helping her keep them groomed, at least at first, now she's taken back over mostly.  I was gone for the long weekend and the kittens all look big, healthy, and fluffy :)

Now for the bad news.  We had our house broken into.  Yes, they got some stuff (though not all.) but the worst part is one of my beloved cats, Orion, the mascot of my Etsy shop, is missing.  Splenda never left the house (go figure) nor did our cat Caspian.  Honey, who Milk was named to go with, loves to run off but we did find her outside and were unable to catch her- until she jumped back in the open window.  Baby Love and her kittens didn't budge, as is the way of new litters and their momma's, from their spot in our bathroom.

At this point we assume Orion got out, because we believe he'd have come out of hiding at some point if he was in the house.  Tonight we are staying elsewhere, with our 3 found cats, Baby Love, and her 4 kittens.  We plan to move as soon as we can possibly find somewhere to go, which unfortunately, doesn't bode well for our feline friends in Suffolk :(

PLEASE let me know if you know of ANYONE who would want to adopt an adult cat.  Milk, Sugar, Marx, and Spazz (and Lovely if I can't convince Eric to keep her) would all make WONDERFUL people cats.  They have not only become friendly with us, but with our guests as well.  Many of Milky's kittens are becoming much more comfortable around us as well, and would I am sure readily become people cats. The thought of leaving this band of kitties behind makes me so upset, I would like nothing more than to know they have good homes to go to.  Though we are also looking for homes for Baby Love and her kittens, they will remain in our care at least until the kittens are old enough to be weaned.  As far as our wonderful band of formerly feral kitties, if anyone would be willing to offer one (or more) a home I would be HAPPY to drive half way if possible.