August 25, 2010


Today its just Marx, Splenda and.... Spaz! Haven't seen her since my bf has been around. Splenda only comes around when he's not here still.

Came out to feed the crew and the girls were all loving up on me :). Splenda even pushed her head up into my hand for a rub! I guess after all that time of being skittish once she changed her mind about me being safe she changed it completely. Such a sweet little kitty cat!

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August 17, 2010

Been a while

I've just been lazy to be honest. I got some great close ups of the kitties a week or so ago that I will have to post soon. Splenda has been much more comfortable around me lately... Today she even came up and sniffed my hand when I got home. So cute. When I look closely it seems like there is a tiny bit of orange in the spots on her head.
Sugar continues to be lovable. He's even friendly with my boyfriend now that he is home. Took him a little time to adjust to the new person but not long. Marx is still skeptical and splenda has only come back around when he isn't here. I'm sure they'll all get used to him.
Milk still looks like she has post Natal nipples. Splenda no longer appears pregnant though so I'm not sure what happened there... Or where milkys babies are if they are still even around. Who knows.

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