January 28, 2011

Far Too Long!

Oh dear it has been FAR too long since I have updated you all!  The kitties are all doing great, surviving the winter well.  They are so cute with their fluffy winter coats, and their winter plumpness.  For a while even Cream was coming around as a regular!  He's come a running towards me even, which made me totally happy :)

One of the warmer days even Spazz came by for a visit, looking extra fluffy and happy!  I guess I don't need to worry about not seeing her often, she looked great and was more than happy to curl up on my lap for a bit.  I suspect at this point that she may belong to someone, and they only let her out when it was warm.  Can't be sure though!

Today we had some visitors!  The first one I mistook for Cici when I nearly ran over her as she darted in front of my car when I was coming home.  The other I mistook for Brownie but turned out to be a gorgeous fluffy black kitty!  I couldn't get a good picture of the black one, it being night time and her being skittish.  I tried my best, though!  Maybe they will be back again.

Now lastly for your update on Splenda!  She is doing GREAT!  Adjusting wonderfully to being an indoor spoiled kitty.  She came back around on the eating quickly and the limping went away, but she hid under the bed for what felt like ages.  It seems taking her to the vet really scared her.  Just before I left for Christmas she started approaching me for some attention again.  Then I was gone for a week and she was a little friendlier afterwards.  

The final turning point was actually when my boyfriend was in town for the weekend and apparently, reminded her of how awesome I am compared to other humans or something because starting that weekend she became much more friendly with me again!  Now she rarely runs from me, and comes to me for attention all the time, and once I picked her up and placed her on the bed and petted her a bit she realized it's OK for her to be on it.  Ever since she has taken up a spot at the foot of my bed.  She and my other cat Orion get along the best, they're so cute together!  I have learned that even feral kitties like to follow their human into the bathroom, as well.  She is the most consistent bathroom company of all my cats, in fact!  Here are some pictures of her enjoying being all spoiled.

 Splenda and Orion.  Yes, he was playing with her tail, and she was ignoring him.

 Splenda and Honey!  Pardon the litter all over the floor- feral cats may be easily litterbox trained, but unfortunately that doesn't translate to keeping the litter in the box LOL

 Obviously, she is at ease!

 Part of the cuddle puddle :)

She really loves one of my bearded dragons, Fatso.  When she isn't relaxing on the bed, she likes to visit him and will often curl up on the top of his tank and hang out.

I think at least 2-3 times a week I send a cute picture or pass along a cute story to my boyfriend about Splenda being cute.  Usually it goes like this :"She is SO CAYUUUUTE!"  "She always is.  What is she doing now?"  "Laying on the bed."

Welp there is the update from kitty land!  Hope there were enough pictures for you ;)