April 30, 2011

"Sleepers" and Lil' Pete

Tonight as we left for dinner I saw a black cat on the side of the road and promptly turned the car around to go take a closer look at it :P  No clue if it was Lil Pete or not, but it's the only other black cat I've seen in the neighborhood so it very well could be!

I took some pictures of the cat that looks like Sleepers.  It has been coming around more often and is now more interested in cuddles and being petted than in food.  It's definitely NOT Sleepers despite looking very similar.  It's even more affectionate than Baby Love though!  I am thinking we are going to try and find homes for both of them.  They're totally meant to be people cats.

She is SO sweet.  She has some wateriness under one of her eyes, but colds have been going around and she doesn't seem to be ill.  Eric has taken to calling her "Look-Alike" but I think she needs her own name!  Any ideas?


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