June 30, 2011


We're finishing moving out of the house in Suffolk today.  Still hoping to find homes for Lovely and Spazz at the very least.  It's a sad day though, but one I've seen coming for a while.  Co-cers hasn't been around when we have been moving lately and today she appeared, looking not good at all.  She curled up by the neighbors porch and eventually under her car.  Animal control came and took her away and are going to euthanize her... It's probably a best outcome for her.  She's been sick since I moved here and at least she is going to go in peace instead of languishing and suffering.  I got to say goodbye to her.  It's sad, but I really don't think she woulda made it even this long without us feeding her.  She would have been a good people kitty but I think it was too late for that by the time I got here.

I'm considering calling animal control about the strays to see off there's room at their shelter.  I could volunteer on my days off and still see them and help them get adopted.


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